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As a student of great leaders, Matt Neil has worked diligently to invest in and learn from his players and staff. During his tenure as coach of Hope College, he spent time with individual experts in the leadership world who observed his own program examining the relationships between players, staff, and administrators in order to elevate his program to a championship level. Currently, Matt Neil Training offers a similar opportunity and service to college basketball programs, taking advantage of Coach Neil’s three decades of expertise in the field. Observing and analyzing your program from an experienced, yet unbiased, perspective will prove to be extremely valuable in elevating your program to a higher level.

 Your program will receive a final evaluation of observations including

suggestions and solutions to maximize your team’s potential.

The 3 day experience is $3000, expenses included unless a flight is required.

• 2-3 days of observation: prior to game-day, day of game, post game-day

• observe and evaluate practices, planning sessions, staff meetings, locker room pre-game

• interview players, staff, and administrators

• optional on-court player development


Improve your cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength, and basketball skills through intense shooting drills and workouts.


$75/hour per person

beginner - professional

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